Unexplained Find: Floating Spoon Spotted on Mars – What Could it Possibly Be?

To say the least, we’ve reported on a number of unusual findings throughout the years. We just never imagined there was a limit to what we might see on the surface here, whether it was giant crabs or pyramids and sculptures on Mars, but we were incorrect.

Take a look at this giant floating spoon and discover for yourself how bizarre the world really is. The image was captured by the Curiosity rover, and as you can see, it clearly shows the spoon’s form, as well as its slender handle and bowl-like end.

You can even see its shadow beneath it, proving that it is a real physical thing and not just a glitch or a trick of the light.

Because our atmosphere is wetter and heavier, this rock formation would decay and fall apart in a matter of years, but there are no earthquakes or other natural phenomena on Mars that would force it to do so.

The spoon was spotted by “fredk” and Emily Lakdawalla, members of the Unmanned Spaceflight forum, who remarked that “as strange as the finding may be, it is plainly there right in front of our own two eyes.” NASA claims that this is only an optical illusion, however as previously indicated, this is not conceivable because the shadow below it plainly demonstrates that this is, in fact, there.