The phrase “They Test Alien Technology In A Secret Underground Facility” (video).

Recently, an American scientist made a number of astounding claims about UFOs. Emery Smith, also known as “the Black Project informant,” claims to have been working with alien technology in a secret underground biological facility located in the United States.

There, Smith claims that extraterrestrial technology obtained from alien beings and their crashed or captured spacecraft is in the works, which will change the world as we know it.

In a YouTube video, he makes a number of stunning revelations, including that  alien flying saucers  are mostly “organic and driver-bound” and can be “infused with life and intelligence” as well as “shape-shifting.”

Smith says he served in the US Air Force before becoming a scientist who worked for large corporations on secret US military projects. He claims to have examined more than  3,000 body parts of alien beings . Smith also claimed that he was in a top secret section of the huge  Kirkland Air Force Base  in New Mexico, USA.

In the YouTube video (below), he makes some jaw-dropping claims: “ I’ve witnessed many different installations of projects that actually work with spacecraft and alien bodies, because they’re connected to each other ,” Smith says.

“Much of the alien craft is organic material, meaning that only the driver of that race can drive the vehicle, due to their genetic DNA frequency and the frequency they emit.”

“It’s like having a pet or a car that is answerable only to the owner. These types of vehicles are so amazing that they are usually made in space via harmonics and frequency. So they can actually bring the object to life and excite it with artificial intelligence or consciousness, or both.”

He goes on to say that he has worked on a large number of  different types of downed flying saucers , which he says  are “constantly emitting incredible energy into space”  some 30 years after they were captured.

“Of course there are always classic spheres, egg shapes and disc shapes,” he  added  . “There are also other interdimensional vessels that can change shape.”

“So they can come in the form of light and they can manifest and change their atomic structure to become solid, so these types of machines are much more advanced than what we hear about them in the general culture and on television.”

Some of his claims sound like they’re straight out of a science fiction movie, but Smith says this technology is “thousands of years ahead” and is being “suppressed” from public knowledge. And especially big companies are “struggling a lot” to get in the way of science.

He stated,  “These ships can be interdimensional, they can shapeshift with all the occupants without knowing it’s happening and then reform again in different worlds and different dimensions and different parts of the universe immediately.”

“They have their own atmosphere, their own gravity, they have their own little space that they’ve created inside the ship, which keeps them completely encapsulated in it.”

“They’ve already mastered teleportation so that the body can shrink into its own living space. And that’s why they can go a million miles an hour and spin fast, because they don’t feel it. Because they are in their holographic dimensional world, under some scientific algorithm.”

His reason for making it public now is that Smith claims alien technology could completely change human life by offering free energy and breakthrough medical treatment.

Could this be his real reason? Footage has recently surfaced proving that the US Air Force is operating a “secret black project,” according to conspiracy theorists.

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