Radiant Resilience: A Child with Albinism defуіпɡ Expectations and Embracing Enigmatic Beauty

Myself, Dr Vindoo, and I am a senior physician at Nation Homeo Care Clinic, Hsr Layout, Bangalore.

We’re also seeing increased levels of vitiligo in children.h-a-n-h

Of many of the cases in children, we see hypopigmented patch in the genitals which get unnoticed.

So what is this vitiligo?h-a-n-h

Vitiligo, primarily, is an autoimmune disorders.

We in our body has color for every part.

Where do this color come from?h-a-n-h

There’s something called as melanocytes.

These are the cells which produce a pigment called as melanin.

So there are a lot of autoimmune disorders.

So one kind of an autoimmune disorder is vitiligo, which we are seeing very commonly, especially in children.

That is juvenile vitiligo.h-a-n-h

So what happens is the immunity system starts attacking, not knowing that it is my body or not knowing it it’s part of my body.

It starts attacking all the cells which produce melanin and there is a loss of color in the body and could be any part of the body, and slowly there is a hypopigmented patch.

There are different kinds of vitiligo based on the area.

It could be a local or it could be symmetrical.

So, and similarly what happens is a vitiligo can start with a small dotted hyperpigmented patch and gradually can lead to complete loss of pigment in the whole body.

So usually what happens is people usually don’t discuss so openly about with vitiligo.

It is not contagious disease.h-a-n-h

It is definitely that’s happening to your body and gradually it can increase in your own body.

The main reason for this could be any hormonal disturbance or could be genetic factors.

When it’s runs in the family, the kid can have this vitiligo.

Sometimes the vitamins deficiency or vitamin D deficiency can also cause Hypo pigmented patch.

So, mainly finding out the reason in the child, why is this vitiligo being crossed?

We at Nation Care Homeo Clinic mainly focus on the root cause of the problem, that is, the autoimmune.

When you try to correct the immunity disorder, obviously the Hypo pigmented patch will gradually reduce.

Your body will start producing its own melanin and the area is being covered and certainly you can get rid of this Vitiligo on a permanent basis.

The main symptoms is that we see in which vitiligo is the patches gradually increasing.

It can sometimes remain at the same level for years together and when it finds a favorable condition, suddenly it can increase.

So there is no time frame that this disease will progress in this manner.

Certain diet restrictions are also required.h-a-n-h

You can avoid eating sour foods directly.h-a-n-h

There is uncooked sours like raw lemon or tamarind, which is raw form.

So if you have or if you notice any kind of unpigmented patch or hyperpigmented patch anywhere in your body, definitely do visit Nation Care Homeo Clinic.

We are certainly specialized in treating the cases, especially in children or even in adults, and you can take our services and you can see results.h-a-n-h

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