NASA Announces Existence of Extraterrestrial Race Empowering Our Collective Fight

One of NASA’s top scientists known as Nick Bostrom recently came out with quite a statement, saying that we all live in a simulation and that we are being kept at bay by some sort of an advanced alien race after all. He did make the Matrix reference here, although he quickly stated that there must be differences between that representation and the reality we live in.

In the movie, we see that we are nothing more than physical bodies stranded in tanks full of liquids, but according to Nick himself, we don’t even have a body anymore in real life as we are nothing more than particles of our brain scattered across the network of circuits of the brain.

Rich Terrile supports this idea, as he claims that we are already close to reaching the stage where we can fully create a digital simulation of that proportion within the next ten years or so.

If we are already so close to it then what’s so unbelievable about assuming the fact that in a more advanced society this has already happened?

Terrile himself referred to Moore’s Law, which states that with each passing year the computers double their potential. Based on this, in a mere 80 years or so we will be able to calculate all living human life on Earth and recreate it at our own will. This is definitely quite a grim world we’re looking at, but as far as we know it might be the cruel reality we live in after all.