Mysterious Crashed UFO in Antarctica Revealed on Satellite Images Since 1997, Now in Crystal Clear Detail

Russian researcher Valentin Degterev has discovered an impressive frozen alien aircraft in Antarctica using Google Earth. A few years ago, the fans of his YouTube channel were excited to show his discovery.

The researcher claimed that he had seen this strange item in the images from 1997, although it was more coated with frost. Now, as the ice was melting, he could examine the enigmatic entity further, and he could determine what it was.

He said this is certainly not a normal creation, most definitely a crashed UFO, an ancient artifact of hundreds of thousands of years.

Decterev would like to launch an excavation there in Antarctica, but no private enterprise will remove such an item since it is 2,000 miles long and 300 feet high. There are many secrets in Antarctica, recall the pyramids of Antarctica, remember the other UFOs crashed and the UFO entrances we would display using Google Earth.

But sadly, private firms are not able to go there and do testing, you probably guess why…