Investigating the riddle of numerous reports of UFOs over Houston, Texas, and the rest of the world (video)

Mass UFO activity in recent weeks around the world, but first let’s start with UFO sightings over Houston Texas, a series of alleged UFO photos.

Taking pictures of Houston Texas on social media this week left people baffled by what they saw where a popular vote took place.Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? ” The result: Yes 99% – No 1%.




Next video shows remarkable UFO sightings in recent weeks. 1. UFO sighting over Istanbul 2. UFO filmed from orbit over Case Argentina MUFON 56080 3 UFO in orange UFOs CA council oc seen over Camp Pendleton in Southern California 4. UFO sighting Temecula Murrieta 5. UFO sighting over Murrieta / Temecula, CA 6. Two flying saucers UFO seen by family in Spain 7. UFO in Gudalajara Mexico sending signals 8. UFO: 35 Chilean local mine workers a UFO flying in the skies of Tarapacá.


Soon there will be no more cover-up from our Rulers, as we will be in contact, the signs indicate that we are very close to direct contact with Technologically Advanced Civilizations.

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