Diamond Shaped Object Above Airport 3rd August 2022 (Video).

Diamond Shape UFO was filmed definitely over Medellin, Columbia, on the 3rd of August in 2022 and that’s been covered by lot’s of mainstream media.

I’m not often speechless, sometimes but not often and I’ll admit that it’s these epic types of UFOs that really does it for me.

Linking 3 of the exact same UFOs is one thing but 3 UFOs that are the same and with an aircraft flying past at the same time, that’s amazing.

We’re constantly reminded that we’re not alone in universe, yet for some bizarre reason or other people are still posting “are UFOs real” I swear that’s no joke.

I saw this video with the guy filming this and the plane flying past, then he pans to the right mentioning that the airport is there, just to his right. That’s the point, right there when I thought to myself this has got to be a honest UFO sighting without any skullduggery or underhanded tactics going on.

It’s one thing to see a well orchestrated hoax with deliberately timed movement’s and perfect lighting with well lit or even well illuminated backdrops and foregrounds. But to see a UFO sighting “in it’s natural habitat” so-to-speak with poor lighting and shaky camera footage but a clear UFO sighting because smartphone cameras are getting absolutely amazing, that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing when I research UFOs.

Seriously, it’s a breath of fresh air.

That’s why I wholeheartedly agree with the guy who is filming this, “what the hell is this?” And if you’ve ever filmed anything else similar to this UFO sighting or thing’s like “unknown phenomena” or strange ghost type events where something happened but you just cannot understand it? Then you’ll have almost certainly have said it yourself “what’s that” even if everyone else with you is just seeing it for the first time just like you! It’s a truly universal saying. We can clearly see that it’s a diamond shape UFO sighting Columbia. And guy’s I’m not sure but I think that we could be witnessing history repeat itself?

Let’s just go back a bit when the Scottish guy had a UFO sighting unrestricted and that was a diamond shape UFO as well which I wrote about in this post. In fact after just checking out that post, I had already posted about another example of this same situation with a diamond shape UFO. So that’s 3 similar UFO sighting’s which I don’t believe in coincidences!

Here’s the 1st post by Craig Lindsay.

The 2nd post 5th September 2022 LA.

And this actual post makes the 3rd amazing and stunning UFO sighting. The reason why I am linking all three UFOs here is because if the very first Scottish diamond shape UFO has been considered as the most important UFO photo in British history, then surely as there’s now three exactly the same UFO sightings, we’re looking at something very special and important?

We’re talking about three of a kind, three of the exact same diamond shape UFO sighting with might I add, a plane in the background either circling the UFO or passing by the UFO! That’s why I am saying that this is amazing. I don’t believe in coincidences because the chances of an aircraft passing by a UFO randomly caught by the eye witness is astronomical.

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