Compelling Evidence Suggests Prior Civilizations Existed Before Us and Potentially More to Come

These artifacts seem to indicate that we don’t live in a world we can fully understand. As far as we are aware, we don’t even know where we live or what the world is like.

The many different artifacts we’ve come across so far, all point towards ancient civilizations having been very technologically advanced, to say the least.

We have evidence that Hyperborea, Atlantis and Lemuria are real. Consider, for instance, the rare rocks discovered in South Africa’s Klerksdorp region. They are artificial because of all the shapes, sizes and materials used

They are also more than 3 billion years old, so their creators had advanced technology well over 3 billion year ago. If that’s not enough to convince you how about the following artifacts which were discovered in the 19th century around Dorchester County of Massachusetts.

This vase looks like it dates back to many billions of years. It is made of zinc alloy and a large portion of silver. These footprints are also believed to be from well over 500 millions years ago. They are not the only ones of their kind.

John Reid, a Nevadan, also discovered this second footprint. They are more than 300 million years old.

This artifact is small and appears to have been made of crystal moissanite grain in Primorye.

It is still very difficult to create crystal moissanite, so this discovery is quite remarkable. The iron pot is also thought to be more than 300 million years old, since it was first discovered in Oklahoma in 1912. This imprint is from 110 million years ago. It was discovered originally in Glen Rose, Texas.

Last, but not least, we have this 100 million-year-old petrified finger.

It was first discovered on the Axel-Heiberg Island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This discovery completely destroyed the historians’ view of the world, who believe that humanity only dates back to 10-12 millions years ago.