Bird being devoured by a giant snake as it hangs from the ceiling.

A traveler was horrified to witness a large python suffocating a currawong when he opened his window one morning while visiting Australia for the first time. The man looked on in terror as the enormous snake, hanging from the roof gutter, killed the bird.

When the image was posted online, the internet went crazy. However, many others quickly pointed out that this was typical in Australia. The user captioned the image with the statement that he had spent a week in Australia and the stories about this nation were accurate.

Some claimed that Australia was home to many dangerous animals, while others stated that the photograph horrified many people. Australia has been nicknamed “the land where everything tries to murder you,” according to an internet user.

Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea are home to non-venomous carpet pythons. The snake can grow up to four meters long and weigh 15 kilograms. Essentially, they exist everywhere, and are frequently seen in backyards.

They feed on small mammals such as kangaroos, opossums, and lizards. Carpet snakes are one of the largest species of snakes on the east coast of Australia, but they are not dangerous to humans. When they bite a target, they can use up to 80 needle-shaped fangs pointing backwards.

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