Astrophysicist Suggests Tiny Alien Probes Could Secretly Monitor Us, Beyond Our Visibility

Scientists don’t deny the possibility of extraterrestrial probes exploring the Universe. We may be able to locate some of them near the Earth, and thus explore our planet. We have many advantages in exploring the Universe with Von Neumann probes. This Von Neumann spacecraft has the ability to replicate itself and reach star systems all on its own. Before it can communicate with the alien probe, the alien probe can determine the intelligence level of any species it contacts

Scientists claim that an alien fleet can monitor our galaxy on regular basis. But if this were real, why couldn’t they find out so far. Zaza Osmanov, astrophysicist and extraterrestrial probes expert, says that they can be so small it cannot be detected. He also said that these civilizations could build self-replicating spaceships to explore the world in risk-free manners. The probes could flotilla using interstellar dust hydrogen atoms, and could still seek evidence of extraterrestrial existence.

We assume extraterrestrial life exists by looking for signs. They could self-replicate to create a swarm that numbers trillions upon trillions of millions. There could be many small probes in the universe.

Osmanov claims that these swarms need to produce light. These traces could be seen as other traces left by a distant planet. One scenario was that a type 2 civilization could spread interstellar clouds containing nano-probes with the aid of self-produced robots. If they persist as swarms they will most likely be visible.

Paul Davies, a physicist, says that there’s a chance that the Von Neumann probe crashed on our moon. This is in response to a distant past visit.

Scientists Arwen Nicholson and Duncan Forgan say there are three scenarios in the probe’s behavior: using standard powered flight, using gravitational slingshot techniques around stars, and hopscotching star-by-star to get the maximum speed boost under slingshot trajectories. This slingshot technique can speed up a Voyager-like spacecraft to explore the galaxy 100x faster