Are there undiscovered underground space arks that could save humanity?

Michael Salla, a professor and exopolitics specialist, attempted to ease concerns about potential global catastrophes by claiming that there are concealed massive space arks prepared to rescue and transport people to a secure location in the universe.

Huge space Arks are  under the Earth , ready, to evacuate a huge number of  people, animals and plants . At least that is what a teacher has made clear.

Space arks to save humanityProfessor  Michael Salla  is a renowned expert on exopolitics who studies the interaction of  human politics and aliens.

During the  Shaun Attwood Uleashed podcast , the scientist claimed that huge spacecraft could exist  under the earth. These would be ready to carry people in the event of a  global catastrophe .

“I have probably about six sources telling me about these space arcs that are on the moon, all over the Earth, and that are actually in other parts of our solar system.”

One of the sources the professor uses is currently within  the United States Army  and has been taken on some secret missions .

During these missions, he boarded a few of these space arks, specifically one located in the  Atlantic Ocean . In addition, he assured that there is also one on the  Moon.

Salla gave a definition of what she meant when she referred to “Space Arks.” He explained that they were  flying megastructures  that would go into action if a global crisis occurred that would render the Earth uninhabitable.

colossal spaceships“It really does look like an ark, as described in the legend of Noah’s ark. It is very large, like a ship, and is designed to evacuate a large number of people, animals and flora during a disaster.The professor assured that these colossal ships are buried all over the Earth. They will activate when we are at a point in history where we collapse as a civilization. Like our ecosystem going into total collapse or some   political, military or geographical catastrophe.

They could even be activated if humanity  evolves and migrates to a place that better meets the new needs demanded as a species.

“So they are there as a safeguard and they were put there by the ancient races who had prepositions from the end times.”It is surprising that a recognized professor makes statements like these publicly. But it should be remembered that this is not the first time we have heard this type of hypothesis, classes are recorded even in ancient civilizations.

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