A woman’s terrifying experience in the sea off the coast of New Zealand raises doubts about the existence of extraterrestrial life (Video)


It might be a plane or maybe even a helicopter but one man says he believes he saw a ufo in our florida skies nbc 2’s gage golding is showing you the extraordinary sight that was all caught on camera they were kind of glowing and flickering a little bit it was wednesday evening when matt krause and his wife looked up but they didn’t see the moon instead they saw a single bright light then new lights appeared near it and they were got really really bright at that point and there were about four of them.

They kind of moved in different directions he snapped these pictures saying whatever these are didn’t make any sound and seem to be hovering in place what i can’t explain though is why they were so bright why they were stationary for one of them was stationary for 15 minutes so i asked rsw if anything abnormal was going on they deferred us to the faa the faa says we’d have to ask the military naples airport authority however says there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary on radar that night but noted it could be chinese lanterns which are illegal in city limits matt doesn’t think so the random movement is kind of what convinced me that they weren’t something like chinese lanterns that were being blown by the wind back on naples beach suspicion was in the air i feel there’s something out there looks a little suspicious but not everyone believes et is taking a trip to the 239.

People’s sightings of ufos it’s usually some sort of military aircraft or something like that i’d have to see it to believe it physically be there to see it could it really be something from outer space one aviation expert says only one percent of sightings go unexplained but he couldn’t rule out the fact that what matt saw could be from out of this world it could be a number of different things how arrogant do we think we are that we’re all by ourselves in this entire universe atmospheric anomalies drones or covert

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