A ball of light is released from the main UFO as it separates in the video.

This why the US Government has changed the acronym from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena because of these types of UFOs.

The UFO itself is moving using it’s own energy, it releases an Orb then it seperates itself into 2 parts making 3 UFOs altogether.

There’s stuff that we’re all going to be witnessing from time to time and the Government’s way of preparing us for these is to acknowledge them, give them a name and also give people an official office to contact them about these UAPs.

Uri Geller actually talks about this UFO sighting in particular and tells us he’s in touch with the Pentagon office which has been set up to track reports of unidentified flying objects and it’s already received several hundred report’s of these. Check out his post here.

This UFO sighting is being narrated by the actual witness to this himself as he’s filming it and he’s pointing out when it seperates apart, he also point’s out the UFO that looks like a small Orb in the lower right corner of the screen. We see that come from the main part of the UFO. Not long ago this type of UFO would have definitely been laughed at, but we all know better now.

There’s stuff out there that’s flying in our atmosphere that nobody can see, in the Infrared part of the spectrum. The only reason why the US Navy Jet pilot’s knew that the UAPs where there was because a pilot turned on his Flir camera.

It only films in the Infrared spectrum and that’s why the UAP videos are in black and white.

The US Nimitz aircraft carrier was surrounded by these UAPs, the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier also had UAPs above them.

Flir1 is the second of three U.S. Military videos of an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official usg declassification review process and approved for public release.

That’s the initial video statement of the Flir1 UAP video which was filmed in 2004. Guy’s, you should check this out, it’s in black and white because they cannot be seen in our vision! They can only be seen and filmed in Infrared. This is a type of technology which has or is utilising technology to hide itself from our eye’s. It’s stealth technology that is way, way ahead of our own stealth technology program by a long way.

Notice though how if UAPs are using stealth technology, Ann’s how we’ve evolved and started using stealth technology, maybe, just maybe we’re all not so different after all and we may have similar needs and wants, and similar technology, just seperates by a few decades or centuries?

Events “continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, highlighting possible concerns for safety of flight or adversary collection activity,” the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in its 2022 report.

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